Meeting at BIREME, 16-feb-2011


  • Fabio Batalha (SciELO)
  • Julio Takayama (BIREME)
  • Leo Germani (HackLab)
  • Luciano Ramalho (BIREME)
  • Renato Murasaki (BIREME)
  • Vinicius Andrade (BIREME)


  • When a user selects language A and views a post that is only available in language B, the post is displayed in language B with a notice explaining that it is only available in that languagem. The notice is editable, and will be displayed in the language of the UI.
  • When listing, only posts available in the UI language will be shown. Therefore, the use case above only happens when a user is viewing a an article in language B and chooses to switch the UI language to A.
  • Posts will have a field indicating the original language.
  • When first creating a translation, the default post date is the current date, but a button allows copying the date from the original post (already implemented as of today)
  • Comments are attached to the post in a specific language. An API will make it easy to fetch comments in other translations of the same post.