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SeCS stands for "Seriadas en Ciencias de la Salud" (Spanish), which means: Serials in Health Sciences. Its development is promoted and coordinated by BIREME.

SeCS-Web is a system developed by BIREME for managing collections of journals. SeCS methodology is used for automatic control of the collections of the Centers of the Information Network in Health Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean, part of the Virtual Health Library - VHL BIREME/PAHO/WHO.

SeCS-Web allows to control the collections of each individual node of the network and also allows to keep updated the Regional Catalog of Journals in Health Sciences.

SeCS-Web is the upgrade of a previous version for MS-DOS, originally designed in 1992. That version had been evolving gradually over the years so the present version reflects the experience of hundreds of medical libraries which are part of the VHL. This experience enriches the current version of SeCS-Web.

SeCS-Web has been adapted by BIREME for the ABCD Suite. The present version offers two profiles: standard profile for libraries that do not form part of the VHL (Default Profile); extended profile that meets the additional requirements for BIREME. It should be noted that this second profile is necessary for any library that wants to generate additional portals of electronic journals.


SeCS-Web meets several objectives for the support of services and products in the library, as presented in the following list.

  • Management of the journal collection of a library in the traditional way, which may also include those electronic publications that the library has access. The management includes the description of holdings, as well as the basic administrative control of vendors, subscriptions, donations, etc.
  • Management of union catalogs of the collections of a set of libraries, which can indifferently belong to the same institution or different institutions.
  • Automatic generation of Portals for searching the collections of electronic journals available in Internet, regardless if the library is subscribing or not to these titles.

General Considerations

  • SeCS is alligned with the CISIS/1660 version 5.2 platform, and will eventually be made compatible with later versions. This means that the inverted file entries are 60 characters long, and will increase in length in the ISIS-NBP based version.
  • SeCS is compatible with programming languages accepted by the GNU licences, i.e. PHP, Java, Javascript, Python, etc. The current version of SeCS is written in PHP v.5 and IsisScript?.
  • The system is totally language independent. The product will be made available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese by end of 2009, and can be translated into other languages in the same way the CDS/ISIS applications always were.



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