1. Unavailable Reviewer Status

Allow users with the role “Reviewer” to define a temporary status of unavailability. It would work as an option located in the user’s profile that when activated, the reviewer would not appear as a choice in the Select Reviewer list. In order to appear again in the list, the user would have to uncheck the option in their profile. This would work for all journals where the user is registered as “Reviewer”.

Another way this feature could work is, the user is shown in the Editor’s Select Reviewer list, however, the reviewer’s status would appear as “Unavailable” and the Editor would not be able to invite the reviewer to review their article. Going further, the user that has the role “Reviewer” could specify a period where they would like to be unavailable and after that period expires, the system would automatically change the reviewer’s status back to “Available”.

Benefits of this feature

Declining invitations to review articles may be a nuisance to some Reviewers, specially when they are too busy to review articles. By using this option, the Editor would know that the Reviewer is currently unavailable and as a consequence, the Reviewer would not receive further invitations to review articles.

2. Alert co-authors when they have been added to the article after the manuscript’s original submission

The main author of a given article may decide to add new co-authors that were not added when the article was first submitted. When that occurs, the system should inform the newly-added authors about it by sending an e-mail to them and Editors in charge of that article.

Benefits of this feature

Editors and co-authors should be notified every time the author adds new information to the article metadata. In the Editor’s case, because they must have control of any changes that the author might make in the article’s metadada (changes in the article’s title and/or abstract, for instance). In the co-authors’ case, they should be alerted when someone adds their name to an article in order to agree or not with its publication.

3. Pre-Editorial Decision

Create a pre-editorial decision for the Section Editor.

In some journals, only the Editor-in-Chief has the autonomy to make decisions about any article, however, some of them take into account the Section Editor’s evaluation (which is a result of the reviewers’review). In these cases, the system is lacking an area where the Section Editor can register their decision about the article, which shouldn’t be considered as a definitive decision, but only a suggestion, which the Editor could agree or not.

Benefits of this feature

This is one of our biggest requests. Considering the many different editorial policies from the journals of our collection, the Editors from journals that work with this kind of policy miss an area where their Section Editors can register their suggestion. With the current version of the system, this communication is done using e-mail. It would be better to have this information registered in the system in a visible area within the article.

4. Block new uploads by the author

Block new uploads of files from the author while the article is still in review. Also block uploads when the article has been rejected.

Benefits of this feature

Authors should only be allowed to upload files when requested by the Editor, in other words, only when the Editorial Decision is “Revisions Required”. Other than that, to prevent the author from making further changes in the article, the field to upload files should remain blocked.

5. Only one “Register” Button for Supplementary Files

There should be only one “Register” Button for all supplementary files, that registers at once all files that should be available to reviewers.

Benefits of this feature

The current version of the system provides one “Register” button for each supplementary file sent by the author. If the author has submitted over 20 files, for instance, and if the Editor would like to share all those files with the reviewers, they would have to select the document, click on the “Register” button and repeat this procedure for each of the 20 files, one by one.

It would save more time if there was a single button to save the selection made by the Editor.

6. Alert Editors about Editorial Decisions

Send copy of the author notification e-mail to all Editors and Section Editors of an article.

Benefits of this feature

This feature has a single purpose, which is to let all Editors up-to-date about all editorial decisions taken for the articles designated to them.