New Submission On-line

The New Submission On-line is a development that intends to merge the SciELO Submission version of the OJS based on OJS 2.2.X with the new OJS version 2.3.X. The merge involves develop new features available only in SciELO/OJS to become part of the last OJS version.


  • OJS 2.3.X against SciELO/OJS 2.2.X - file

This document is a evaluation of the new features developed in OSJ 2.3.X acording with the requirements of SciELO Submission On-Line.

  • New features / Business Description - wiki

This document have the business description of all features developed on SciELO/OJS-2.2.X version that weren't developed in the newer versions of OJS.

  • New features suggestions - wiki

This document lists some new features suggested by editors of SciELO Brazil to be developed on SciELO/OJS-2.2.X


  • Teste: This is a test instance of the newer version of OJS System. This instance was created to evaluate differences comparing with SciELO version.