WordPress? Analysis

1. How to provide the layout that can be reused in the countries and allows to quickly add features through the administrative area.

Use SideBars?

2. How to make content available in the left column of the SciELO ORG, using the admistrative tools , offering fexibilidade and sustainability(Reference Collections).

Using specific widget with param of service (Developing)

3. What are the options for resolving the administrative area to add contents free of any context?

Use free text widget or options of links

4. How to add custom services, using administrative area.

Using specific widget with param of service

5. How to add a custom header and footer(Widgets)?

Using Site Options (Left Column of admin)

6. How to enable different content in the same page(Pages or Multi-Blogs?)

If using pages where is the best pratices to implement it and How to keep the old behavior.
If using Multi-Blogs, how solve the problem of Multi-Languages.

Create a new type of content like Countries, using the feature custom pages (Post_Type)

Link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_post_type

7. How makes available the contents WordPress? using the available network services such as iAHx.

Using the strategy search

Example: http://pesquisa.bvsalud.org/regional/index.php?output=rss&site=bvs&col=regional&lang=pt&sort=da+desc&bvs_logo=&bvs_link=&banner_image=&banner_text=&home_text=&home_url=&css=&display_banner=

8. How the best any to generate services be to consume from SciELO ORG using the administrative tools. 9. How to generate de search area using the administrative tools

Using specific widget with param of service

10. How to get information of another SciELO On-Line.

Generate a widget to using fopen to get the content

11. How integrate the worpress with personal services


12. How to makes available the service of post to users in the portal