SciELO Stress Test

This stress test was made to compare the performance of the SciELO Site responding requests in the different versions. The tests was made in the following versions:

  • PHP4
  • PHP5
  • PHP5 + Java

This stress test intend to prove the performance of the PHP5 without JAVA, to decrease the complexity when installing and configuring a new SciELO instance.

Stress Tests Specifications


Overview Table

Graphics Teste StartFinishTotalRequests
First wave PHP4 13:49 14:34 45min 5.000
Second wave PHP5 16:04 16:30 26min 5.000
Third wave PHP5 + JAVA 17:10 17:32 22min 5.000


Load Average

Load Average


eth0 usage

CPU Usage

cpu0 usage

cpu1 usage

cpu2 usage

cpu3 usage