Project Kick off


  • Abel Packer
  • Fabio Batalha
  • Roberta Takenaka


  • Metting to give a kick off in SciELO Mobile projects and specify basic tools for a first version of SciELO Mobile Apps.


  • Development based on users services
  • Begin with anonymous access to SciELO content using search engines
  • The search engine in the first version must be based on IAHx web services and IAHx clusters
  • Develop a widget with the look and feel of Android Google Search widget
  • Split the milestones to obtain faster results and define small features to be deliverable periodical

1. For a kick off version:

  1. Search engine
  2. Multi Language
  3. Clustering results by journal, Subject and issue.
  4. Allow the user to configure pre-defined searchs and clustes.

1. Second Version

  1. Services on-demand
  2. ....

1. New users

1. Services related to the workflow of the Submission On-line

1. ....


  • Write a Business Plan Document
  • Prepare Reddes Wiki for Android, ISO and web mobile development.