LILDBI-Web is an acronym to LILACS Database Description and Indexing through the Web and was an upgrade of the previous LILDBI-DOS application. It is written in IsisScript (native language of WWWISIS) and JavaScript, that fully implements the LILACS Methodology to allow users easily describe and index information and collections of information in the health sciences area. It is also a component of the Virtual Health Library and it uses DeCS trilingue vocabulary (based on MESH headings) for indexing data properly. Both methodology and application are under continuos development and evolving.

For further details of LILACS Methodology please access LILACS.

For information on LILDBI-Web installation, prerequired software and full documentation please access LILDBI-Web page.


Colaboraciones de la RED

Script para generar la base liltitle con los títulos que desean agregar. Colaboración de Juan Gomez