Repository New Generation

Legacy repositories

At BIREME, "Repository" is a generic name for a Web application that essentially implements:

  • CRUD of bibliographic records describing digital files or arbitrary URLs;
  • Uploading of the file itself;
  • Review and approval of bibliographic records and attached files;
  • Exporting the approved metadata to a Lucene/SOLR search server;
  • Serving the files for download;

Current repository instances deployed by BIREME use a legacy application which has been heavily patched over the years.

Repository, reloaded

RepoNG is a fresh start: a repository app based on current software engineering best practices, using modern programming frameworks and infrastructure.

In addition to the functionality above, RepoNG offers:

  • Multilingual metadata fields, with full Unicode support;
  • Automatic replication of metadata and file data, for reliable operation and inexpensive horizontal scaling;
  • Basic search functionality independent of Lucene/SOLR, for easier management and deployment;
  • Efficient file serving with limited and predictable server memory consumption;


Internal BIREME/PAHO/WHO project notes: ProjetoRepoNG (in Portuguese)