ISIS-NBP Features

ISIS-NBP is not a closed product, but an ongoing project under continuos development. In this page, we try to document its set of completed features, or at least close to completion.

The completed tickets are another source of information about consolidated features.

The (source) code remains the ultimate source of reference for ISIS-NBP capabilities.

  • Native support for traditional CDS/ISIS databases (.mst and .xrf).
  • Configurable master file binary layout;
  • Supports undelete operation on records;
  • Basic support for the formatting (pft) language expressions.
  • Basic support for CRUD (Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete) operations through the Console and Gateway (HTML interface, HTTP and XML-RPC);
  • Cascaded .ini-based initialization: default, global file (command line), per master file;
  • Support for collections (groups of master files);
  • HTML embedded interface for minimal database manipulation;
  • full-Unicode support;
  • i18n support in source code to translate the user interface and error messages;
  • interchangeable support for files generated from Unix or DOS/Windows without the need to do conversions;
  • native support to language encodings;
  • interactive console for database browsing and maintenace;
  • remote console acessible through SSH protocol (with authentication and encryption);
  • Automated test case;