ISIS-DM: the ISIS Data Model API

ISIS-DM is an API for:

  1. schema definition through classes, similar to modern OPFs (Object Persistence Frameworks) ;
  1. data extraction using operators and methods similar to modern collection and string handling APIs;

In other words, ISIS-DM allows programmers to express constraints and functionality similar to those of the CDS/ISIS Field Definition Table and the CDS/ISIS Formatting Language, but in contemporary, object-oriented programming languages.

The API aims to be database-independent. Objects defined in the ISIS-DM should be easily persisted in CDS/ISIS, CouchDB, MongoDB, Amazon SimpleDB and other semistructured databases. analyze an ISIS-JSON dataset and generate an ISIS-DM schema from it

Source code

Paper (in English) accepted for publication on the XI WSL - Free Software Workshop, July, 2010

Short presentation (in Portuguese) made for the Google Open Source Jam in São Paulo, 14/Jul/2010