Welcome to ISIS-NBP

Conceived in 2007 and currently under development, ISIS-NBP is a bold step towards invigorating ISIS software foundations.

ISIS Network Based Platform project aims to to handle textual databases, preserving its traditional role related to the development of information products and services and core ISIS characteristics, but moving its architecture and operation towards the current state-of-the-art in databases and network operations as well as in open software development.

ISIS-NBP is a platform to develop applications, for the time being, it is not an application itself. Therefore, it should be understood as an infra-structure or framework, upon which ISIS developers can use to develop modern and wishfully better applications to meet end users demands.

The main challenge of ISIS-NBP is to conciliate technology modernization with backward compatibility. From the early designs of ISIS-NBP we have considered that to be successful this project must be a platform evolution, grounded in a smooth migration path.


  • PyISIS: a pure-Python implementation of the CISIS functionality, including an interactive shell
  • ISIS-DM: ISIS Data Model, a an API for defining database schemas and for record, field and subfield access with the CDS/ISIS semantics but in a modern, Object-Oriented syntax
  • RepoNG: a new generation File Repository application and framework, to replace the heavily patched, legacy Repository app used in several BIREME special projects
  • Tools: utilities to convert between ISIS formats and JSON
  • Bruma: Bruma (brume in Portuguese) is a JAVA library that allows the manipulation of Isis master files.


To try some of the features of the PyISIS component of ISIS-NBP, see the demonstration site.