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#58 Add concurrency control somebody enhancement critical engine
#42 Column-based parsing fro FDT files somebody defect major isis db
#43 Support ''per directory'' (.ini) file somebody enhancement major engine
#47 Support right-to-left editing in the Web interface somebody enhancement major uncategorized
#49 impose a limit to Caches somebody defect major engine
#50 Optimize get_fields in MasterRecord somebody enhancement major engine
#51 Implement database pack (defragmentation) somebody new feature major isis db
#60 Support IsisScript somebody new feature major gateway
#61 Explore foreign indexing engines rodrigo.senra research major indexing
#63 Add non-caching directives to HTTP headers somebody enhancement major gateway
#67 Deprecate actionlet support somebody task major gateway
#70 Compare side-by-side database access rodrigo.senra task major testing
#71 Test large database support rodrigo.senra task major testing
#78 Improve doctring developer documentation rodrigo.senra task major documentation
#32 Support FDT rendering rodrigo.senra research minor format
#33 Support localisation (l10n) somebody enhancement minor engine
#38 Support native Isis B-tree based indexes (write support) somebody enhancement minor indexing
#39 Investigate Oracle XML as a DB backend somebody research minor isis db
#41 Support repeatable subfields somebody research minor isis db
#44 Lazy parsing/ lazy wrapping somebody research minor engine
#45 Replace ConfigParser for ConfigObject somebody enhancement minor engine
#46 Generic Data Model somebody research minor isis db
#57 Do write-ahead logging to allow crash recovery somebody new feature minor isis db
#64 Add JSON API somebody new feature minor gateway
#65 Add RSS Api somebody new feature minor gateway
#68 Add OAI-PMH support somebody new feature minor gateway
#75 Internationalize developer documentation (i18n) somebody task minor documentation
#48 Collections sharing databases somebody enhancement trivial uncategorized
#52 Add explicit interfaces support somebody enhancement trivial uncategorized
#53 Explore new backends somebody new feature trivial isis db
#54 Support record annotation in the database backend somebody research trivial isis db
#55 Add hook functions to ISIS-NBP internal events somebody new feature trivial engine
#56 Add support to ISIS-related formats: Marc, Z39.50, ISO2709, Marc-XML somebody new feature trivial isis db
#59 Adapt ISIS-NBP to be a Plone backend or at least interoperable somebody research trivial gateway
#76 Test BYTE_ORDER_PREFIX in different architectures somebody task trivial testing
#77 Investigate optimizations for compiled PFT expressions somebody research trivial format
#79 Add graphviz support to aid PFT debugging somebody new feature trivial format
#89 Factor out indexing strategy from MasterFile class somebody enhancement trivial documentation
#97 Factor out formatting language to allow other mechanisms in the future. somebody enhancement trivial format
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