Institutions directory

It is an application built in PHP 5 designed within the Symfony framework to manage and operate institutions directories in thematic, national, regional and/or institutional levels.

As an information source, the Institutions directory is composed of descriptive data of institutions - recorded in MySQL databases - in order to improve the knowledgement of the institutions' behaviours and interactions on the health sciences area.

It is also aimed to improve the activities of interchange and motility of various networks such as management, social control, services and techno-scientific entities, broadening their capacity of communicating and disseminating health-related information.

Project Details

Specification Documents

User Roles: profiles of users of an instance

User Stories: stories of user's interaction with the system

Mockups: layout design proposal

Technical Documents

How to Install: instructions for deployment and maintenance

How to Use: instructions of operation for end users

Data Dictionary: list of all data fields

Database Diagram: a current diagram of the database



Brazilian Ministry of Health