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#12 Implement an interoperation interface (CNES and SIED). gustavo.fonseca discussion major business questions fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#7 Verify how we can decouple the Group Name and the internal references to these groups. gustavo.fonseca enhancement major other --
#19 Load JS and CSS by template gustavo.fonseca enhancement minor business questions --
#27 Documentation - How to contribute? gustavo.fonseca defect major business questions --
#39 Create a contact in the organization unit rafael.novello discussion minor other --
#45 Validation of birth date rafael.novello task trivial other --
#48 Check for the existence of an institution before registering a new one gustavo.fonseca enhancement major business questions --
#50 Evaluate the brFormExtraPlugin plugin. gustavo.fonseca discussion minor other --
#54 Slugfield must permit underscores gustavo.fonseca defect minor business questions --
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