Work Breakdown

Main modules of the BIREME Clincial Trials Platform

See PrioritizedFeatures for these items ordered by priority.

Trialist personal data management

  • signup: create account
  • login
  • trialist dashboard (lists: submissions, pending issues)
  • change password
  • reset password
  • set preferred language

Trialist trial record submission

  • list own clinical trial submissions
  • start submission and determine mandatory registration languages

  • submission status overview
  • edit clinical trial record in each language
  • upload submission attachments
  • view and handle pending issues
  • request support
  • upload trial record in ICTRP XML format

Reviewer trial record revision

  • login
  • reviewer dashboard (list: assigned submissions, pending issues)
  • submission management reports
  • review submission and post issues at field and record level
  • review submission attachments
  • manage out-of-band verification (pending check->waiting for response->verified)
  • approve translation
  • view translation history

Citizen public interface

  • basic search
  • advanced search
  • download selected records
  • view record history
  • view attached files
  • set preferred language
  • FAQ
  • contact form
  • view scoreboard and global stats graphics

Administrator operations management

  • edit field-level help: help text displayed besides each field
  • edit FAQ
  • edit controlled vocabularies
  • edit UI translation: rosetta system
  • manage reviewer accounts
  • assign trials and issues to reviewers
  • view workflow reports

Quality assurance

  • automated testing scripts
  • creation and maintenance of test fixtures
  • manual test plan


  • specification wiki editing
  • ticket creation, review and updates
  • deployment how-to
  • operating manual