OpenTrials: an Open Source, multi-lingual Clinical Trials Registry Platform

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Requirements and specification documents

  • DomainReferences: background material for the Clinical Trials application domain
  • UserRoles: profiles of users of a CTRP instance
  • BestPractices: standards agreed or under discussion by the ICRTP Best Practices Group
  • SearchCriteria: criteria for filtering trial records in the advanced search interface

Technical documents

  • WebPlatform: analysis and selection of tools for this project


  • ComoAtualizar: Como migrar a aplicação em produção para uma versão mais nova (in Portuguese)


ReBEC (Resgistro Brasileiro de Ensaios Clínicos) is the first instance of the OpenTrials platform. It is being developed by BIREME/PAHO/WHO with the collaboration of Fiocruz and Ministério da Saúde. It is managed by Fiocruz, with the goal of becoming an ICTRP/WHO primary registry. Most of the documents linked here are in Portuguese.

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