Field 20. Key Secondary Outcomes

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Secondary outcomes are events, variables, or experiences that are of secondary interest or that are measured at timepoints of secondary interest. A secondary outcome may involve the same event, variable, or experience as the primary outcome, but measured at timepoints other than those of primary interest (e.g., Primary outcome: all-cause mortality at 5 years; Secondary outcome: all-cause mortality at 1 year, 3 years), or may involve a different event, variable, or experience altogether (e.g., Primary outcome: all-cause mortality at 5 years; Secondary outcome: hospitalization rate at 5 years).

Enter the name and timepoint(s) for all secondary outcomes of clinical and/or scientific importance. Be as specific as possible with the metric used (e.g., “% with Beck Depression Score > 10” rather than just “depression”).

Examples: Outcome Name: all-cause mortality, Timepoint: 6 months, 1 year; or Outcome Name: Mean glycosylated hemoglobin A1C, Timepoint: 4 and 8 weeks


At least two fields, repeating:

  • Oucome description
  • Timepoint



EN: Key Secondary Outcomes

PT: Desfechos secundários


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