Search Criteria

Basic Search Criteria

The standard for a "basic" search interface on the Web is just one search field (like Google).

Given a single text query string, these are the fields where the query should be matched:

  • Scientific Title
  • Public Title
  • Trial Id
  • Acronym
  • Acronym Expansion
  • Scientific Acronym
  • Scientific Acronym Expansion
  • Health Condition
  • Intervention
  • Primary Sponsor
  • Scientific Contacts
  • UTN
  • Secondary Ids

Advanced Search Criteria

In addition to the text field, the basic search can offer these simple controls:

  • a checkbox to show only trials currently recruiting field 18, off by default (all trials are shown)
  • a drop-down list to limit results to a single country of recruitment field 11, "any country" by default

Advanced Search will be implemented in two iterations:

Iteration 1

All fields of basic search, plus:

  • Study Status
  • Recrutiment Countries

Iteration 2

  • study type (interventional, observational)
  • gender
  • age group (children <=17y, adult, elderly >=65y)
  • source of material support institution type

REBRAC will allow researchers to export all published clinical trial records in formats suitable for analysis in advanced statistical packages, therefore the intent of the advanced search is not to satisfy every conceivable need of a researcher, but to serve less specialized and much more numerous users, such as patients, health professionals, journalists, students etc.

Our goal is to provide more options to filter search results than the Basic Search, but not so many options as to confuse the majority of users.

With this in mind, the fields that can be the basis of useful search filters are:

(please add suggestions to the advanced search criteria here)

(please add comments to the basic search criteria here)