Field 17. Target Sample Size

WHO description

Number of participants that this trial plans to enroll.


Positive integer.




EN: Target Sample Size

PT: Tamanho da amostra

ES: Tamaño de la muestra

Sample Values

sample 1
sample 2
sample 3


The revision document of Who Trial REgistration Data Set suggest that country-specific targets may be provided separately. In fact, the sum of all these country-specific fields could generate a total number for the target sample size field.

Field used by Plataforma Brasil to specify the study population representativeness

Representação da população de estudo / population study representativeness / representativid de la población del estudio

  • censitária / census / censitária
  • amostral (probabilistica ou casual)/ probabilistic sampling
  • intencional (não-probabilistico) / non-probabilistic sampling
  • por saturação / saturation sampling /
  • N/A
  • Outra / Other

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Part of: TrialRegistrationDataSet