Field 19. Primary Outcome(s)

WHO description

Outcomes are events, variables, or experiences that are measured because it is believed that they may be influenced by the intervention. The Primary Outcome should be the outcome used in sample size calculations, or the main outcome(s) used to determine the effects of the intervention(s).

Enter the names of all primary outcomes in the trial as well as the pre-specified timepoint(s) of primary interest. Be as specific as possible with the metric used (e.g., “% with Beck Depression Score > 10” rather than just “depression”).

Examples: Outcome Name: all-cause mortality, Timepoints: 5 years; or Outcome Name: Mean Beck Depression Score, Timepoint: 18 weeks


At least two fields:

  • Oucome description
  • Timepoint



EN: Primary Outcome(s)

PT: Desfecho(s) primário(s)


Sample Values

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