Field 12. Health Condition(s) or Problem(s) Studied

WHO description

Primary health condition(s) or problem(s) studied (e.g., depression, breast cancer, medication error). If the study is conducted in healthy human volunteers belonging to the target population of the intervention (e.g. preventive or screening interventions), enter the particular health condition(s) or problem(s) being prevented. If the study is conducted in healthy human volunteers not belonging to the target population (e.g., a preliminary safety study), an appropriate keyword will be defined for users to select.


PT: 3 opcoes de campos:

12a) texto livre - recomendar utilizar o UMLS

12b) codigo - utilizar o 1o nivel de doencas do DeCS ou capitulos do CID10

12c) palavra chave - utilizar nivel mais detalhado do DeCS ou do CID10

Exibir no formulario o 12b primeiro, depois o 12c e por ultimo o 12a.


At least one of each subfield (12a,12b,12c) is required


EN: Health Condition(s) or Problem(s) Studied

PT: Condição(ões) ou Problema(s) de saúde estudado(s)


Sample Values

sample 1
search for linfoma MALT UMLS 0.43 CID-10 C85.9

C85.9 Linfoma não-Hodgkin de tipo não especificado


  • SOE
  • maligno SOE
  • não-Hodgkin SOE .

ICD10 C85.9 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, unspecified type MSH C04.557.386.480 Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's MSH C15.604.515.569.480 MSH C20.683.515.761.480

Conceitos DECS
0.77 Linfoma não Hodgkin
0.61 Doença de Hodgkin
0.47 Imunidade Inata
0.45 Vaginose Bacteriana
Lymphoma, Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue; EN
Linfoma do Tecido Linfóide Associado a Mucosa; PT
Lymphome du tissu lymphoïde associé aux muqueuses; FR
Lymphom, mukosaassoziiertes lymphoides Gewebe; DE
Linfoma del Tejido Linfoide Asociado a Mucosa; ES
Linfoma del tessuto linfotico associato a mucosa; IT
Lymfoom, MALT-; NL
sample 2
sample 3


(use this area to post further suggestions)

In Schema: I suggest to include

Multiple string fields, each with a CID-10 and a corresponding or more specified DeCS
Required: code, description and source (CID-10, DeCS and other source as HON select).

I made a complex test of filling this field with an example and got that CID-10 and DeCS may cover general situations, but in others it must be complemented. I´ll post a sample later.

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