Features and Modules of ABCD

Description of the basic modules

AdministratorManagement of User accounts
Full database creation process
Inverted file generation/update
Database reinitialization
Record/database unlocking
Maintenance of Messages database and translation to other languages
Creation of Help-in-context pages
Management of z39.50 (protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote databases)
Management of OAI (the Open Archives Initiative protocol for metadata harvesting)
Quality and consistency controls
Data entry
Creation/editing of worksheets
Creation/editing of formats for quality control
Linking to Authority files
Management of the Acquisitions module
Import/Export (Isis, MARC, XML, etc.)
Global changes
StatisticsPre-defined basic package with the most frequently used statistics
Ad-hoc reports generator, with direct output to graphs and export to Excel-like spreadsheets
ServicesPrint generation (on demand or scheduled)
Printing of barcodes and spine labels
Selective dissemination of information through profiles
Online services by demand (photocopies, reference, etc.)
Databases for identification of loan objects and users
Definition of service policies or rules
Multiple display formats
Pre-defined calendar for calculating suspensions, reservations and loans
Assignation of different functions to different operators
Definition of lending slips and other prints
Detection of inconsistencies in transactions
Statistics on all types of transactions
Verification of user and/or object
Administration of fines
Administration of suspensions
Administration of reservations and waiting lists
Listings of printed forms and e-mails
Simple editor for ABCD-Site administration, modelled on BVS Site
Editor for parameter definition (.def files)
Editor for display formats
Editor for indexing techniques (.FST)
Web service connecting the OPAC with the loans system
Editor for shortcuts (calls to external applets through .pft)
Periodical Control
Title creation according to the ISSN standard
Import of titles from .ISO MARC/ISSN formats or native SeCSCreation of frequency masks for automatic generation of new issuesGeneration of collective catalogues with multiple collections
Entry of new issues, manually or automatically through barcode reading
Export of full or selective collections
Control listings of missing or duplicated issues
Hypertext navigation between different versions of families of titles