1. Where can I download ABCD ?

2. Where can I get help on ABCD ?

3. Which license is used for ABCD ?

Where can I download ABCD ?


Where can I get help on ABCD ?

The ABCD help structure uses 3 channels :

  1. the ISIS e-mail list (registration : https://listserv.surfnet.nl/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=cds-isis&A=1.

This list has over 1500 members, most of them users of one of the many CDS/ISIS varieties. Questions of rather general nature but also specific ones on ABCD can be posted here and will possibly get replies in one of the main languages (Spanish, English, French). Questions which are too vague or insufficiently specific (e.g. 'My ABCD does not work, what should I do ?' or 'My login is not accepted') will need to be re-phrased or otherwise left without reaction.

  1. the ABCD WIKI (free for passive use, registration for editing authorisation) : http://reddes.bvsaude.org/projects/abcd/wiki/WikiStart

Here lots of documents on ABCD are submitted and kept updated (by the WIKI-mechanism). Specific sub-wiki's are available for the main ABCD Suite parts, i.e. ABCD Central, ABCD iAH, ABCD SeCS, ABCD EmpWeb?. There will also be a section on ABCD training and ABCD documentation.

  1. the ABCD tickets system : tickets are specific requests to add features, correct bugs or change functions of the software. After submitting a ticket (which requires registration) a responsible person will be assigned and a preliminary assessment of the time frame (e.g. 'next release' or 'a future release') will be given. Tickets should be very specific. Feedback from tickets to the other 2 channels of communication (ISIS List and ABCD WIKI) will only be given on rather general-relevance solved tickets.

Which license is used for ABCD ?
see : http://reddes.bvsaude.org/projects/abcd/wiki/License